R David Marks

Training & Travels

Born and raised in western Kentucky, David’s earliest artistic inclinations were inspired by the works of such luminaries as Ansel Adams, Paul Strand and Edward Weston...followed by Ralph Gibson, Pete Turner, and Sebastiao Salgado. Twelve years in the Air Force provided David with unique shooting opportunities throughout the United States and Europe.

Drawing on his vast experience with military, aeronautic and landscape shooting, David quickly established himself as a versatile commercial photographer based in the Detroit area. Shooting throughout the Midwest, New York, Florida and Arizona, David’s client roster included Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Ryder and Absolute Vodka. More than 500 of his photos have appeared in such varied publications as Detroit Monthly, City Smart Magazine, Kansas City Star, New Mexico Magazine and The Stars and Stripes.

Recent Work

Leaving the Midwest industrial basin for Santa Fe, New Mexico, David has spent the last fifteen years in an idyllic location -- nestled at 7000 ft. in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There his creativity has flourished, capturing the soul of the land and the faces of its people with a plethora of portraiture and landscape images set against the awesome canvas of the rugged southwest.

His recently completed project, "Dad's Bowling Shoes" is certainly a journey of healing as it so aptly subtitled. Traveling around with his father's 40+ year old bowling shoes is more than just taking his dad along for the ride. It is a way of healing the strained relationship that he and so many sons have with their fathers. He is currently working on "There and Back", "Nice Indians Behind You", and "Africa".



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