First entry of the new year..or previous years for that matter


Hey There!!!!   This is the first entry in my little basic blog, coming at you from the R David Marks corporate office (my desk). I hope to keep you updated of my travels and goings on, along with some philosophical ramblings about the art and science of photography and how it is part of almost everything I do.


Before I go too far....there are still a couple of openings in my July S.Africa trip...


After several trips with these folks, they have taken me under their wing and I am now an associate of the team and the official photography guru!


Last year was full of challenges, as some of you may know. After losing my gallery space of 8+ years, I gave up my search for a new location after a few months. I have a booth at the El Museo Cultural Market here in Santa Fe for the next several weeks. Starting in late April, I will be showing at the weekend Santa Fe Artists Society shows, downtown near the plaza. Hopefully, I will see some of you there.


My first photo tip of this new blog experience is this;


Always have your camera with you but don't forget to put the camera down occasionally and just take in what's around you.


Bis spaeter!